There was a time when the Gods of Olympus were utterly satisfied with their nectar. There was a time when mortals quenched their thirst and healed with water from the healing springs of Temenion. And suddenly, in 1954…

Our History

Our History

The business was established in mid-1954 by Georgios Garofalakis, who realized the uniqueness of the healing waters of the village of Temenia and decided to utilize this natural wealth by producing soft drinks. In the early years, production was limited and done manually, moving the products with donkeys and without electricity. Despite this, Georgios’ dedication and his love for his idea, as well as the uniqueness of his products, led him to the successful development of the business.

With the advent of electricity in 1969, production was upgraded, and in 1970, automatic electric machines were installed in a new privately-owned factory, multiplying the production compared to the previous years. The TEMENIA company has managed to emerge as a successful and competitive business, offering products with the uniqueness and therapeutic properties of the healing waters of the village of Temenia.

Water from theHealing Springs of Temenia

Water from the
Healing Springs of Temenia

The Healing Spring of the village of Temenia played a decisive role in the quality, taste, and distribution of TEMENIA soft drinks. As the village of Temenia had become a popular therapeutic destination, it attracted visitors from all over Greece for treatment with its healing waters. Visitors were impressed by the superior quality of TEMENIA soft drinks due to the unique water and the pure local production materials used.

The love and preference for TEMENIA continued, and many fans dedicated much time to go to the village of Temenia or to the KTEL (Bus Station) of Chania to get their favorite soft drinks. Indeed, the mountain bus became the first distribution means throughout the prefecture, enabling TEMENIA to be distributed beyond the limits of the province of Selino, covering even further areas.

TemeniaSoft drinks

Soft drinks

TEMENIA soft drinks have earned a distinguished role in the market thanks to the continuous investments made over the last 30 years. Through various Greek and European investment programs, the TEMENIA company has developed its facilities and improved the production process.

Significant milestones in their development include the computerization of the company in 1986, the production of soft drinks in single-use glass bottles in 1993, the construction of a new state-of-the-art factory in 1999, and the company’s certification according to ISO & HACCP in 2004.

Additionally, the TEMENIA company responds to the needs of the public with new packaging, while it evolves and adds new flavors to its products, such as Mastic Soda and ARPA COLA.

The continuous investments, the innovation, and the quality of TEMENIA products have made them popular throughout Greece and beyond its borders.

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